Welcome to

Goroke P-12 College

Principals Welcome

Welcome to Goroke P-12 College, where our core values form the bedrock of our vibrant educational community. We hold deep respect for ourselves, others, property, and the environment. This value of respect creates a harmonious and caring atmosphere, where every individual feels valued and supported. At Goroke, we promote excellence by setting high expectations and empowering our students and staff to strive for their personal best. We foster a culture that celebrates achievements and provides the necessary tools for success in all areas of our educational journey.

Honesty is the guiding principle that permeates our community. We encourage open and transparent communication, nurturing a culture of trust and integrity. By embracing honesty, we create an environment where individuals can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Furthermore, we cultivate resilience as an essential trait for facing challenges. With a positive attitude, we approach obstacles as opportunities for growth, bouncing back from difficult times with strength and determination. Our commitment to resilience empowers students to overcome adversity and emerge stronger.

At Goroke P-12 College, we cherish respect, promote excellence, uphold honesty, and foster resilience. These values form the foundation of our inclusive and empowering educational environment. Join us on this remarkable journey, where we celebrate diversity, encourage achievement, prioritize integrity, and cultivate inner strength.

Kylie Smith (Principal)